How Seniors Have Fun: Exercises for the Elderly

Exercises for The ElderlyFitness for seniors doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. There are plenty of exercises for the elderly to keep them feeling their best and the benefits are numerous.

The Benefits of Senior Fitness Exercises:

Daily exercise can reduce pain and stiffness that often comes with getting older. There might be days when it is hard to get out of bed, much less get up and exercise. However, after exercising you will feel better afterwards because you got your muscles and joints to move. You also pumped oxygen to your muscles to help them work better. It can also lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. It will help keep your bones strong to prevent falls and fractures. You will also have more energy to play with your grandkids or do things you enjoy doing.

Make Senior Fitness Exercises Fun:

Find activities you enjoy that incorporate exercise. You don’t have to do strenuous exercises for the elderly, but choose something to raise your heart rate. A brisk walk with a friend or swimming at the local gym can be energizing and fun. Sports like tennis or basketball can provide fitness for seniors. You don’t have to try to keep up with the young crowd; just do what you are able. Enlist a friend to exercise with you or sign up for a personal trainer. You can do other informal exercises activities like gardening or playing fetch with your dog. Anything that gets you active will count as exercise.

When You Don’t Exercise:

Your muscles become weak from lack of use and your bones lose their density faster. You can be at a higher risk for falls and injuries than someone who does regular senior fitness exercises. Being sedentary can raise your blood pressure and allow you to gain weight, which will put you at risk for heart issues and other health problems. Lack of exercise doesn’t just affect your body, but it can affect your mind and emotions. People who are active are less likely to be depressed and often spend more time socializing. They are able to think more clearly and don’t get as confused. They have a better appetite and get their nutritional needs met easier than someone who is not active.

Fitness for seniors should be an important part of your schedule to keep you healthy and improve your quality of life. Even if you aren’t active now, it’s never too late to start. Begin by taking a short walk around the neighborhood and waving at your neighbors.

Exercising can also be fun, but it’s important you understand that though exercising is beneficially and effective, the elderly or disabled  must always consult a Physician prior to trying any new physical recreational activities or exercise to be certain you are Physical and Mentally Capable.